Premier Suite

забронировать люкс премьер в Измайлово бета

Izmailovo hotel offers many rooms for a comfortable stay. There are places for travelers who want to save their money. But if you just want to relax and spend your vacation in luxury in Moscow, you need to book a Suite Premier hotel Izmailovo Beta.

Room rate from 45$ from 60$

In rooms

  • Широкая кровать. Cовременная, стильная мебель.

  • Фен, набор средств гигиены. Качественная сантехника

  • Тапочки. Махровый халат. Швейный набор

  • бесплатный WiFi
    - интернет

Room Premier Suite

The room is suitable for newlyweds who want to celebrate their honeymoon. In it settle a small company, enjoying each other. Izmailovo hotel can offer places for singles who just want to live in Royal luxury.

The interior of the Beta is reminiscent of the Royal Palace. In the middle of the room is a huge bed with a stole. The main colors used in the design are Golden, red, white.

In order to have a good time in Moscow, it is enough to book a room in the hotel Izmailovo. Premier Suite — room for the noble personages who are accustomed to luxury and beauty.

What is included in the hotel room Izmailovo Beta?

There are several spacious rooms on the square. There is one bedroom with a double bed. There are two bathrooms and one sauna on the territory. There is a zone for business negotiations, equipped with all necessary equipment. There is a set of minimum necessary furniture: a wide table, several comfortable chairs. Under negotiations, you can order a business lunch in the room.

Main characteristic:
  • The area is 66 square meters.
  • Number of people: 1-2.
  • Bed: double.
  • Price: from 11 thousand rubles per day
 All visitors to Izmailovo Beta in Moscow can use the fast Internet. The room has air conditioning, adjustable with a simple remote control. There are two TV panels that support 3D format. The image quality is high, satellite TV is connected.

In the bathroom you will find a pleasant surprise-a small set of towels and soap accessories as a gift. In the room there is a wine Cabinet and a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a basic set of dishes. We give good tea, coffee, sugar and cream. One person can consume up to 0.5 liters of drinking water per day.

We provide bathrobes and Slippers, decorated in the corporate colors of the hotel Izmailovo in Moscow. Visitors have the right to use a personal code safe. In the room there are electronic floor scales.

The design is made in the style of those medieval palaces, where everyone wanted to be. In the interior there are inserts of gold, white and red paintings are often found. The bed is hidden by a luxurious stole.

Paid service

Prime Suite in Izmailovo Beta does not include Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We feed visitors on the principle of the buffet. Price: up to 600 rubles for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other services are free of charge. In our hotel you can feel like an heir to the throne. The service is appropriate ― we will fulfill your every wish.

In the room you can stay with maximum comfort. Instead of walking around the luxurious capital, and then returning to a modest little room, you will relax in a beautiful room, fully justifying the title of the capital. Of course, the class" luxury " is not too cheap, but what we will give you in return, is clearly worth the money spent.

Please contact our hotel! Its doors are always open to all tourists and residents of Moscow.