специальный в Измалово Бета

Izmailovo Beta in Moscow provides first-class rest regardless of the category of the chosen room. For people who are limited in movement, there are special conditions in the room "Special". The hotel with a developed infrastructure and a convenient location in an ecologically clean area guarantees safety, tranquility and comfort for every guest. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and high level of service!

Room rate from 45$ from 60$

In rooms

  • Широкая кровать. Cовременная, стильная мебель.

  • Фен, набор средств гигиены. Качественная сантехника

  • Тапочки. Махровый халат. Швейный набор

  • бесплатный WiFi
    - интернет

Special room in Izmailovo Beta hotel

The room Fund of the category "First class" takes into account the needs of persons with disabilities who need special comfort and convenience. Employees take care of favorable living conditions! If you book a room, you will be accommodated in a spacious and bright room with a fresh renovation and a pleasant interior, in which everyone will feel "at home". 

The main characteristics of the room " Special» 

The area of the room is 22 square meters. You will like the beautiful and original design. Inside the room there is a comfortable 2-bedroom bed with orthopedic mattress. Near the bed there are sockets that allow you to recharge the gadgets during the rest. You can relax on the soft chairs installed by the window and enjoy the beautiful views of Moscow. Inside the room there is a door through which you can get to the next room, where the attendant can live. 

Izmailovo Beta took care of the safety of the residents! 

For people with reduced mobility is equipped with holders bathroom, made in a pleasant and calm colors. It has strong steel handles near the shower and toilet. On the floor laid non-slip tiles, which will not fall even at high humidity. There are hand and towel dryers, a large illuminated mirror and a sink. The entrance to the hotel is equipped with ramps. The building has an Elevator with a wide entrance for chairs. 

Izmailovo hotel has thought over the comfort and style of a double room, which contains modern paintings and mirrors, exquisite curtains and tulle. Do not forget about the lighting of the room. On the walls are mounted sconces, in the corner there is a floor lamp. On a wide Desk there is a lamp that allows you to work with papers or on a personal laptop in the evening. In the cold season, the room is well heated,and in the heat of the air conditioning system. Daily wet cleaning is provided. 

What is included in the cost of renting a room "Special" in Izmailovo beta? 

  • Free Wi-Fi. 
  • Bath accessories (Slippers, Bathrobe, fresh towels). 
  • Necessary personal hygiene products. 
  • Bottled drinking water (0.5 liters per person). 
  • They are equipped with air conditioning, TV, fridge, Hairdryer, safe and floor scales. 
  • Coffee, tea, cream and sugar are provided for a pleasant stay.

What additional services can be ordered for guests of Izmailovo hotel? 

  • Extra bed for a child from 7 to 14 years. 
  • Accommodation with Breakfast, which will save up to 10%. 
  • Lunch and dinner Buffet in the restaurant. 

How to book a room?

For booking, just call +7 (495) 792-98-50. It is necessary to inform the Manager about the number of guests, the exact date of arrival and date of departure. The specialist will select the appropriate option that fully meets Your requirements, familiarize you with the conditions of residence, the possibility of using additional services, and offer favorable rates for booking in Izmailovo Beta.