Athens is one of the 12 conference rooms of the Beta Hotel in Izmailovo. Here, a comfortable environment for conferences, meetings, courses and other corporate events. Each participant is provided with a set for keeping records and recording the received information. A speaker or trainer feels free because has access to all equipment and materials during the conference.

от 9 000 руб./4 часа, от 18 500 руб./день

The rental price includes:

Athens Conference Hall

Hotel "Beta" in Izmailovo has 12 conference rooms, named after the cities where the sports Olympics were held. One of them is "Athens". This is a convenient space for events at the highest level. The rent of the hall allows not only to bring all the information to the audience, but also to feel comfortable leading, because arrangement of the available furniture in various variations is possible:

  • class;
  • U-shaped accommodation;
  • around the perimeter;
  • theater Hall.

 Thanks to the modeling, the room is great for events of various directions. All variations presented permutations are available to customers when renting a conference room. You choose your accommodation option, and by the time you booked you will receive a hall ready for the event.

Benefits of the Athens Conference Hall

When booking this place for events, customers receive all the necessary equipment and a study in which it is convenient and comfortable. In addition, you can order demonstration equipment (screen, projector, laptop) or services (audio recording of the conference) and much more.

The hotel has free Wi-Fi, which makes the work of the seminar or meeting even more convenient. During the presentation, the speaker can broadcast his speech online or connect an employee who has not come to the negotiations. Also, each participant, having received the necessary information, can transmit it immediately after the presentation to their leaders, who sent him to the conference.

In addition, a stand for fixing visitors is separately equipped. Here are marked in the journal and registered participants of the event. Thus, even before the training, the organizers know the level of attendance.

The hall is equipped with necessary furniture. Comfortable tables and chairs are made in a modern style with high quality materials. Separately, each dining group is designed for three people, if the placement of furniture is made in the form of a class. And in the case of a transformation of the audience, the hall can accommodate up to 45 people.

We are waiting for guests of the capital and residents of Moscow to hold seminars in the conference hall of our hotel!