Moscow 2

Москва 2

When organizing meetings, lectures, meetings and trainings, the correct selection of the hall is of paramount importance. Conference hall "Moscow 2", provided by the hotel" Izmailovo beta", is a combination of high quality and reasonable prices. Spacious and comfortable room, equipped with all necessary equipment, can accommodate from 30 to 90 guests. The choice of the customer offers a variety of interior design options. As an additional service - coffee break or buffet with a choice of menu. When booking a room, customers can be given discounts.

from 9 000 RUB/4 hours, from 18 500 RUB / day

The rental price includes:

  • Площадь
    81 кв.м

  • Вместимость:
    до 90 человек

  • Флипчарт,
    экран и проектор

  • бесплатный WiFi
    - интернет

Conference hall "Moscow 2"

When carrying out mass events often have difficulties in finding a suitable room. The solution to this problem will be to rent a conference room in the hotel "Izmailovo". Hall "Moscow 2", located in the building" Beta", has an area of 81 m2. The maximum capacity is 90 people.

The participants of the event

Booking room provides a choice of 4 options for the location of seats. The largest number of participants of the event is possible at the location of the "Theater"type. Such placement of students is traditionally chosen by the organizers of seminars, presentations, trainings.

The placement of "Class" seats provides greater convenience for listeners. It involves the equipment of the hall with additional tables. This is especially useful when organizing meetings that require participants to take notes. The capacity of the conference hall "Moscow 2" in this case reaches 70 people.

The placement of participants in the "Perimeter" type is intended to emphasize equality. At the same time, the convenience of short speeches is ensured - the speaker is not required to leave his seat. This interior is usually used at meetings of the Board of Directors.

The latter option involves the arrangement of tables with the letter "P". The small capacity of the hall (30 people) is compensated by the possibility of effective use of flipcharts or video equipment. This type of interior is chosen during the presentation of projects for a small number of students.

If necessary, customers of the hotel "Izmailovo Beta" can always consult with the administration about the optimal placement of guests. Also, when renting a conference room "Moscow 2" can be provided with the service of re-transfer of furniture.

Additional equipment

With us you do not have to worry about finding equipment for the performance. Hotel "Izmailovo" provides customers with modern computer and presentation equipment. Just discuss this with your Manager and choose the right equipment.

When booking a conference room are available:

  • flipchart with 5 sheets;
  • plasma panel;
  • projector;
  • presenter (pointer);
  • radio microphone and microphone headset;
  • sound system;
  • podium.
For participants in the conference hall "Moscow 2" can be organized wireless LAN. At the client's request performance of the audio recordings of the event. In case of difficulties with the equipment, the administration of "Izmailovo Beta" provides a full-time specialist to configure the equipment.

To rent a hall, it is enough to make an application on the website, specifying the interior and the timing of the meeting. It is possible to include a coffee break in the program.

When organizing events for the weekend in "Izmailovo Beta" there is a special offer, providing discounts up to 15%. The hotel Manager will call you back shortly for further details.