Moscow 3

Москва 3

The Beta building of the tourist hotel complex in Izmailovo offers a reservation of the Moscow 3 conference hall for organizing various events. The hotel's location is convenient for holding scientific and business conferences, discussing educational reports and abstracts, business seminars. Here they conduct trainings with a minimum of theory and a maximum of practical training. Tenants are given: the right to choose the option of seating participants, favorable rates. The base price is based on the use of the necessary equipment.

от 9 000 руб./4 часа, от 18 500 руб./день

The rental price includes:

Conference hall "Moscow 3"

Conference hall "Moscow 3" in the hotel Beta has a substantial capacity - up to 90 participants. The useful area is 81 m2.
Rental price depends on the day of the week and time of day:
  •  4 hours per working day - 11 thousand rubles;
  • 12 hours - 22 thousand rubles;
  • 4 hours at the weekend - 9 thousand rubles;
  • 12 hours - 18.5 thousand rubles.
 The price list is valid from 8:00 to 22:00. Additional hours must be paid at the rate of 3.9 thousand rubles per hour in the period before 8 am or after 8 pm.

Types of seating participants:

A great opportunity to "redevelop" - change the configuration of the common table for meetings.

Types of seating participants
  • Go
  • class;
  • theater;
  • perimeter;
  • letters "P".
Each of the types is the most convenient for a certain format of business meetings, conferences and other events. The greatest capacity - 90 people - has the arrangement of tables and chairs on the principle of placing the theater hall.

The "class" holds up to 70 participants. "Perimeter" - only 36 people, but allows you to conduct business meetings "on an equal footing." Each participant has the same overview, the possibility of speaking without leaving the table.

The situation in the type of school class involves the placement of two people at the same desk. You can choose a convenient arrangement based on the goals and objectives of the intended event.

The rent includes:

  • large screen for demonstration of video materials;
  • flipchart;
  • sheets of A-4 paper;
  • markers;
  • wireless Internet;
  • place of registration.

If this equipment provided by the Moscow 3 conference room in the Beta building of the Izmailovo Olympic Hotel is not enough - order an additional one.

Optional equipment:

  • sound amplifier with two radio tape recorders;
  • microphone;
  • audio recording order;
  • projector;
  • laser pointer;
  • a laptop.

You can familiarize yourself with the cost in the price list or clarify the details of the lease with the manager, having previously called by phone or filled in the feedback form.

Holding conferences and other events at a hotel of Olympic significance will enhance the image of your organization in the eyes of foreign business partners. Hall "Moscow 3" in Izmailovo Beta will appeal to participants. Any negotiations, trainings and meetings will be successful.