Moscow (Transformer)

конференц зал измайлово москва трансформер

When planning a major event, special attention should be paid to the choice of venue. Conference hall "Moscow Transformer" is a combination of large space and favorable prices. The room is formed from several smaller halls, so you do not have to overpay for empty spaces. During the meeting, a break with a coffee break or a buffet can be arranged. As an additional service, the event organizers are provided with technical equipment. On weekends discounts are available.

from 9,000 rubles / 4 hours, from 18,500 rubles / day

The rental price includes:

Conference hall "Moscow Transformer"

The organization of mass events - meetings, conferences, open trainings - requires the availability of appropriate premises. Frequent problems in finding a suitable place are high prices and the lack of a technical base. Hotel "Izmailovo" is ready to provide you with rooms for the duration of the meeting.

When it comes to truly spacious rooms, you should pay attention to the Moscow Transformer conference room. Placed in the Beta building, it has a maximum area of ​​442 m2. The hall can accommodate up to 450 people. With a smaller number of guests, its size can be easily changed.

Ways to post

One of the options when booking a room is to specify options for the location of places. For the Moscow Transformer conference room, arrangements like "Class" and "Theater" are possible. If you have any difficulty with the choice, you can contact the manager for advice. Our staff will select the most suitable interior.

The room is formed from several small halls, so it is easily adapted to the number of participants in the event. It is possible to order a combination of two, four, or all five conference rooms. When placing "Theater" capacity of the room will be 180, 270, 360 and 450 people, respectively. Natural lighting and high-quality ventilation maintain a comfortable microclimate regardless of the size of the room.

If you plan to change the format of the meeting, it is possible to re-change the location of places. Also in the hotel "Izmailovo Beta" you can order food during the break. 2 types of coffee breaks (Standard and Business) are available to customers with four menus each. If necessary, a breakfast or dinner buffet.

Technical equipment

If necessary, the hotel "Izmailovo Beta" provides customers with equipment for presentations. In addition to the conference room you can rent:

  • projector;
  • plasma panel;
  • flipchart (5 sheets included);
  • microphone and sound reinforcement system;
  • podium;
  • laser pointer.

During the meeting, a local Wi-Fi network is launched for participants in the Moscow Transformer conference hall. Among the staff there is a specialist in setting up computer equipment. At the request of the organizers of the meeting can be saved audio lecture. A complete list of rental equipment should be checked with the manager when booking the room.

Hotel "Izmailovo Beta" takes seriously the quality and availability of the services provided. Favorable prices are pleasantly combined with a flexible system of discounts, valid on weekends. Leave a request on the website and discuss with the manager the details of the order. We will take on the organization's routine so you can focus on the planned event.