Sochi 1

Сочи 1

Conference hall "SOCHI-1" is located in the hotel "Izmailovo Beta". This indicates the transport accessibility of the building and an increased level of convenience for visiting students or business partners. The hall is decorated in a sustained style, there is no distracting decorative elements. We recommend requesting booking conference rooms in advance, in order to avoid misunderstandings. The client will be required to prepay and provide a small package of documentation for processing the personal data of the tenant.

от 9 000 руб./4 часа, от 18 500 руб./день

The rental price includes:

Conference Hall "SOCHI-1"

The hall for business meetings is located in the modern hotel complex "Izmailovo Beta". Inviting guests to a hotel of this level will improve your reputation in the eyes of your audience or business partners. Guests can stay in comfortable rooms, which is convenient if the seminar lasts several days. Among the main advantages of renting a conference hall "SOCHI-1":

The room can accommodate up to 80 people, which is enough for most seminars, meetings, lectures.
The audience is distinguished by a fresh renovation, the walls are decorated in bright colors, which creates a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Wood inserts complement the surroundings.

 The area of ​​the room is 81 square meters, which allows the placement of furniture and additional equipment for several types of seating. Experts will help arrange the audience in the form of a class, a theater, arrange furniture around the perimeter or the letter “P” with the installation of a flip chart in the center of the hall.
Having access to the Internet network makes it possible to use presentations and charts uploaded to the cloud. A speaker can use broadband to provide an audience with additional information not previously included in the report.

 The decor of the conference room is good for events of any type. In SOCHI-1, master classes, business meetings, private and business-like meetings, lectures and presentations for limited groups of students are held.
The cost of renting premises in Izmailovo Beta depends on the day and time of the meeting. Price on weekdays is different from the price of the weekend. When ordering the hall in extra time from 20 pm to 8 am, the cost increases.

The price does not include the cost of renting additional equipment. When ordering a room from the hotel administrator, you can request a projector, laptop, radio, pointers, remotes and other equipment to provide the multimedia part of the meeting. The total cost is calculated until the hall is leased, which allows you to plan in advance the company's expenses.