Sochi 2

Сочи 2

The prestigious Beta Hotel in the Izmailovo Olympic complex offers rental of the Sochi-2 conference room. The design of the hall is designed in a strict business style. The interior and furnishings have fruitful work. Here you can hold seminars, meetings with foreign business partners, conferences, master classes and other events. We invite you to book a room in advance. We cooperate with state and public organizations, entrepreneurs.

от 9 000 руб./4 часа, от 18 500 руб./день

The rental price includes:

Conference Hall "Sochi 2"

Sochi-2, as well as other conference rooms of the hotel of the Olympic value Beta, located in the Izmailovo district, can be transformed for comfortable seating of participants.
The area of ​​81 m2 allows you to arrange the tables by type:
  • classroom;
  • Russian letter "P";
  • theater hall;
  • closed perimeter.

Capacity at each type varies. Accordingly, the list will be: 64, 30, 80, 36 people. The arrangement in the form of a theater accommodates the maximum number of participants. This condition is optimal for seminars.

The location around the closed perimeter is ideal for business events. It emphasizes the equal rights of all members. In addition, each participant can express their point of view without leaving their place. Maximum review allows you to see all interlocutors at once.


The Beta Hotel is located in the well-known district of Izmailovo, so the Sochi-2 conference room is convenient for both Moscow residents and foreign guests. In addition, it is equipped with everything necessary for working meetings:

  • LAN connection;
  • screen, projector;
  • plasma panel;
  • radio tape recorders, sound amplifiers;
  • flipchart markers;
  • sheets of A4 paper;
  • laser pointer.
You do not need to buy anything and bring with you. A laptop is available. For the speech of the speaker - the podium, microphones. If you need to save the information of the event - at your service audio recording on your device. Permutation can be made at any time, depending on the number of participants and the purpose of the event.


You can familiarize yourself with the cost and estimate the upcoming costs when renting the Sochi-2 conference room in Izmailovo according to the price list. With this you will be happy to help the administrators of the hotel "Beta". They will answer all questions, advise on the choice of equipment, make a reservation on the desired date.